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Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Systems

We develop, design, validate and manufacture the most progressive electronic and electro-mechanical products for a wide range of industries with high speed automated equipment when the design and volume requires, and manual assembly when low volume or unique device components dictate.

Our range of global facilities can provide the best cost alternatives for the full spectrum from complex to simple assemblies for electronics, electro-mechanical devices and electrical machines.

Product Range: Lighting Control, Flash and Strobe Modules, Switch Mode Power Supply, Brake Controllers, Printer Controllers, Disk Drives, Telephones, Audio and Satellite Interface Boards, Radio Control Heads, Generators and Drive Motors.

Manufacturing Capabilities: Leaded and surface mount manual and automated PC board assembly. Injection molding and stamping for electronic housings and enclosures. Painting, screening and laser etching for audio and consumer products interface switch labeling. 

Industries: Automotive, Truck, Trailer, Consumer Products, Telecomm, Audio, PC

Plant Locations: USA, Canada, Taiwan and China

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