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Retail Programs

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your requirements and design a program to drive sales and compliment peripheral products offerings in your retail stores. From small 5 SKU plans to over 300 SKU programs we look forward to serving you and your business development objectives. 

  • Private Branding – Retail Inserts With Your Brand


  • Clamshell, Blister Pack or White Box Packaging


  • Bar Coding With Your Logo & Requirements


  • Sombrero or Grommet Reinforced Hang Hole


  • Store Delivery Reduces Shipping & Inventory


  • Over 300 SKU's & Adding More Every Month


  • Applicable Products are DOT/FMVSS Compliant


  • Original Equipment Manufacturer – OEM Quality!

High Quality Bright Glossy Printed Inserts


Full Trailer Lighting & Wiring System Kits


Industry Standard Sizes, Bolt Spacing and Mounting Patterns


All On-Road Vehicular Products Meet FMVSS Standards

Wiring Connections are Standard 4 Flat Configurations

Detailed Vehicle & Trailer Installation Instructions Included

Support Unique Customer Part Number Requests

Free Standing Clamshell Base and Sombrero Holes




Individual Parts Available in Clamshell as Shown or,



Economy Custom Labeled Individual Clear Poly Bags



Kits with Applicable Grommet and Wiring Pigtails



Retail Packaging Available for Every Part We Manufacture

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